Born from an independent idea while serving the global yachting industry, emerges a new entry in the field of specialized high quality food and beverage provision. YPS – Yacht Provisions Specialist, a new high-end brand conceived from the careful analysis of the market to meet and satisfy the needs of professionals working aboard the world’s most prominent yachts.

The companies displaying this new brand will work in synergy to ensure a consistently high level of service, quality, and packaging. YPS affiliated companies will be certified as professional and reliable, deriving from proven experience in assisting and supplying yachts in the area. Authorization to use the YPS logo will be granted only after careful analysis of the candidate.

A YPS certified company will garantee:

Consistent high quality products

Quality control methodology: All the products will be re-packaged inside
YPS cartons/boxes to guarantee that all the products have been individually checked.

YPS companies will apply independent price policy and there will be no
commission to pay to anyone.

The advantages for choosing YPS

• Consistent high quality products
• Consistent high quality packaging
• Assurance that they are dealing with professional companies

Products will be selected from a genuine typicality found in both local and world markets.
Alongside the standard fare of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, and poultry, YPS can procure unique specialties from the most prestigious brands whether it be champagne, caviar, the finest wines from the world’s finest vineyards, first class cheeses from France, Italy and the rest of Europe, Italian IGP, DOP, and DOCG brands, and even French, British, US and Dutch specialities.


No geographical limits. No limit on quantities. No limit on ORDER CUSTOMIZATION. Safe and Fast Delivery.

In port or at sea, YPS travels with you everywhere!
In the near future our intention is to organize a network of purchasing / deposit hubs around the world to optimize both purchases and deliveries.